Our Staff

Gary Morgan


Gary Morgan has spent more than 20 years in senior land and fire management roles. As Victoria’s Chief Fire Officer for public lands, for nine years, he was responsible for the management and deployment of fire suppression personnel. Since becoming CEO of the Bushfire CRC in mid-2007, Gary has worked to foster strong relationships between researchers and the industry.

Lyndsey Wright

Research Manager

Lyndsey is Research Manager at the Bushfire CRC.  Lyndsey was originally seconded to the Bushfire CRC from the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board where she was Manager Planning and Research for nearly 10 years. Lyndsey has a background in economics and planning and management.

Annette Allen

Personal Assistant to the Research Director and Research Manager

Annette is Personal Assistant to the Research Director and Research Manager.

Trevor Essex

Business Manager

Trevor is Business Manager and Company Secretary of the Bushfire CRC. He is also Finance Manager of AFAC.

Noreen Krusel

Research Utilisation Manager

Noreen has research, policy and operational experience in bushfire community safety programs.  She also has extensive experience in post fire analysis. Noreen is assisting fire and land management agencies to bridge the gap between research and its effective application.

David Bruce

Communications Manager

David is responsible for media relations and communications for the Bushfire CRC. Prior to that he was a journalist with Melbourne's daily broadsheet The Age and News Limited's community newspapers, and a Communications and Media Manager at Monash and Deakin universities.

Vaia Smirneos

Communications Officer (Events)

Vaia is Communications Officer (Events) at the Bushfire CRC and assists in a range of communications and research adoption activities.

Strategic Adviser

Mike is a Special Advisor to the Bushfire CRC.

Nathan Maddock

Communications Officer

Fire Danger Rating Project Manager