NZ outlook shows how it is done

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Friday, December 17, 2010 - 2:27am

Partners in the Bushfire CRC have recently have been emailed a Fire Note outlining the Seasonal Wildfire Outlook for New Zealand 2010-11.  The Fire Note is also on the Bushfire CRC website. Here is a research utilisation "spin" on the Outlook.

The Christchurch workshop in early December brought together New Zealand fire managers and researchers and meteorologists and climate scientists. It was facilitated by Mark Chladil of the Tasmanian Fire Service. This was similar to the Australian seasonal northern and southern workshops that have been held annually since 2006.

So why should I mention this? In my view the release of this product represents the culmination of a few things that I think are important to the utilisation of this research:

·         The research conducted under the Bushfire CRC Fire Danger – Fire Weather project led by Graham Mills, recently retired from the Bureau of Meteorology, is relevant to end user stakeholders

·         This project developed a facilitated process (regular workshops) based on objectives that were clearly defined early on.

·         The workshops resulted in tangible and useful products (a report and Fire Note)

·         There is strong collaboration between researchers, experts, managers and practitioners

·         There is a sense of enthusiasmin the subject matter that leads to better utilisation

·         Ownership and leadership has emerged from within the end users on this issue, potentially leading to sustained utilisation.

So, I challenge readers to think not only about what the research might be telling us, but who might be interested in the subject and how can we encourage wider participation?