Current Fire Locations

Landgate FireWatch - Current Fire Locations

FireWatch by Landgate is a national bushfire monitoring system that provides timely information about hotspots to emergency service managers across Australia. The mapping system allows users to identify fire locations with a potential risk to communities and property

Landgate FireWatch Hotspots

[For more maps go to the Landgate site or Geoscience Australia Sentinel Hotspots]


Other Fire Location Services

The following links are to Bushfire CRC partner sites that provide information about current bushfires in both Australia and New Zealand.

Rural Fire Service - current incidents in New South Wales
Country Fire Authority - summary of bushfires on private land across Victoria
Department of Sustainability & Environment -  summary of bushfires on public land across Victoria.
Tasmania Fire Service - with links to a current bushfire map and information on fire permits
Fire & Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia - current emergency alerts
South Australia Country Fire Service - current incidents
Queensland Rural Fire Service - provides a link to a pdf file showing 'daily hotspots'
ACT Emergency Services Agency
- latest news
National Rural Fire Authority -  New Zealand fire danger weather maps

North Australian Fire Information shows the location of hotspots identified by satellites over the past 12 hours in the Northern Territory, Queensland and the northern area of Western Australia.

International bushfires

Global fire maps of past fires dating back to the year 2000 can be found online at the MODIS Rapid Response System.

US fire maps can be seen at this USDA Forest Service website. Here you will also find links to fire maps of Canada and Mexico.