For Our Partners

The Bushfire CRC website - with all its wealth of research and information - is open to the public to view.

This section contains non-confidential documents that may be of use or interest to Bushfire CRC partners.

The templates for presentations and posters as well as documents on the establishment of the Bushfire CRC are available for download under CRC Documents in the menu above and at left.

At times, there may be a reason to provide a secure area in this section for the benefit of CRC members.

These log-in areas are not yet active - so there is no need to log in.

About logging in

There is no need to log-in to this site to access content. It is all available with public view.

Eventually, we may have log-in areas for special interest groups but they are not yet active.

You only need to log-in if you are a member of the Bushfire CRC and you wish to change your personal details on this site, such as your email or contacts. The first time you do this you need to request a new password - usernames and passwords from the old website are no longer active.