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Templates for CRC Presentations and posters

Templates for slide and research poster presentations have been updated for 2013 and can be downloaded, below.

NOTE: The templates are different for the Bushfire CRC 2003-2010 Research Program and for the Research Extension (2010-2013) Program. Use the template appropriate to your program.

These templates maintain the consistency across Bushfire CRC presentations while still allowing presenters some degree of artistic control over their final product.

Use these templates for any other presentations of Bushfire CRC work.

All templates are in PowerPoint and have defined areas for titles, authors names, partner logos and project names. They are also colour-coded to each Program.  There is also a slide template that is not colour-coded to any particular program and can be used for more general presentations.

Some points to keep in mind:

Slide templates

  • You can add your presentation title in the header field by using the View then Header and Footer tab.
  • Keep your text well within the edges of the slides but you may run photos fully to all four edges for more impact.
  • Templates for the new research program include four optional cover page designs - use whichever you feel best fits your research.

Poster templates

  • Add your program number (A1.1) and title (eg: Safe Prevention, Preparation and Suppression in the colour header field.
  • Use as many lines as needed for your title and author credits but keep in mind the more you use the less room you will have for your poster content.
  • Add partner logos at the bottom of the page. Allow for some space between each logo and keep them centred. Avoid stretching them to make them fit.
  • The posters are in A3 format for easier design but will eventually be printed on a range of sizes including the much larger A1 format (for conference display) and the smaller A4 (online/booklet). Don't use text smaller than 10pt or it will be lost on A4. Use the best quality photos so they still look good on A1.

If you have any trouble downloading or working with these templates please let me know.

Vaia Smirneos, Communications Officer (Events), Bushfire CRC

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Download the templates