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Bushfire CRC CEO Gary Morgan discusses natural hazards research with Channel 10.
Thu, 11/10/2012
Resources from the Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference are now available for ongoing learning and training in the emergency services and for the broader research community.
Thu, 11/10/2012
The first in a series of Bushfire CRC Public Benefit Conversations will take place on 29 October, aiming to generate new ideas and new thinking about communities and emergency management.
Task Force researchers in Strathewen
Fri, 05/10/2012
Fire Note 98 is a summary of the final report from the project: Decision making under stress: understanding community members survival-related decision making in bushfire.
The 12th IWF Safety Summit takes place in Sydney on 25-26 October
Thu, 20/09/2012
Bushfire CRC researchers will be presenting at the 12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit in Sydney on 25-26 October.
The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service won the research utilisation award
Tue, 18/09/2012
In a week of highlights, the Research Forum, Student Showcase and research utilisation award were proud moments for the Bushfire CRC at our joint annual conference with AFAC in Perth in late August.
Research shows that Australian EM policy suffers from a lack clear objectives
Fri, 14/09/2012
Fire Note 97 reports on research that shows that Australian emergency management policy suffers from a lack of clear objectives or measures of success.
A prescribed burn in Victoria's Otway Ranges
Mon, 10/09/2012
The latest Bushfire CRC Fire Note examines the effect of prescribed burning on forest carbon and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.
Southern Australian Seasonal Bushfire Assessment 2012-13
Tue, 28/08/2012
Large areas of southern Australia, from the east coast to the west coast, face above average fire potential for the 2012-13 fire season, despite the extensive fires in some parts of the country over the last 12 months.

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Posted: 21 hours 59 min ago

The Bushfire CRC has been about learning and sharing, and this applies not just to research and science, but experiences too. Continuing the international collaborations established over the last decade is a visit in early May by American and French fire and risk managers.

Tom Harbour, US Forest Service National Director of Fire and Aviation Management, and Jean-...

Posted: 22 hours 12 min ago

Long after our doors have shut, the Bushfire CRC will have a suite of legacy materials accessible to all our partners and the wider public.

We want the research to drive change and to instigate thinking about utilisation, as this is the research our partners around Australia and in New Zealand have invested in. Our final forums are for everyone, including agency...

Nathan Maddock
Communications Officer Bushfire CRC

Media Releases

Fri, 25/05/2007
Residents and workers of north-east Victoria have the opportunity to find out more about bushfire research in the region with two community events planned for early next month.
Thu, 17/05/2007
As bushfires burn throughout Australia virtually all year round, the role of the firefighter remains a difficult one. With an ever expanding rural-urban interface, firefighters are often involved in protecting property and apart from the intense heat and physical demands, firefighters may also be exposed to bushfire smoke that contains a cocktail of volatile compounds. Research by Annemarie De Vos from the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre has found that the types of face masks available for those at the fire-front vary greatly in their ability to shield the firefighter from particulate matter and the gases present in bushfire smoke.
Mon, 14/05/2007
Researchers at 4th International Wildfire Conference in Seville talk about "Stay or Go".
Wed, 11/04/2007
The Governing Board of the Bushfire CRC has appointed Len Foster AO as its new chairman.
Fri, 02/02/2007
GPS technology used to track firefighter movements by researchers
Mon, 01/01/2007
Announcement of National Bushfire Forum for 27 February 2007, Canberra

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Fire Note 122: This completed PhD research examined the role that warning fatigue plays in the risk perceptions, warning response and decision-making processes of people living in...

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Fire Note 121: This pilot research project applied the process of ‘place mapping’, a new approach for fire and land management agencies, to gain a better understanding...

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Fire Note 120: This research is investigating whether shorter, more frequent shifts are a better alternative to regular day and night shift rosters that are currently used by fire...

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Fire Note 119: January 2013 saw NSW areas around Yass, Shoalhaven and Coonabarabran impacted by large fires. At the request of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, the Bushfire...

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Fire Note 118: Better management of emergency incidents can reduce any adverse consequences on communities. This Fire Note discusses research into multi-agency emergency...

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Fire Note 117: The research findings presented in this Fire Note explain that different psychological processes between individuals drives their decision making....

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Fire Note 116: Large areas of southern Australia, especially along the east and west coasts extending inland, face above normal fire potential for the 2013-2014 fire season,...

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Fire Note 115: This Fire Note outlines a study on the amount of water needed as forests recover after fire. Research shows that after three years mixed species...