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The stakeholder workshop attracted more than 80 participants.
Thu, 11/10/2012
Shared responsibly and what this means was discussed at a stakeholder workshop conducted by the Bushfire CRC, RMIT University and the Emergency Management network of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility earlier this year.
Bushfire CRC CEO Gary Morgan discusses natural hazards research with Channel 10.
Thu, 11/10/2012
Resources from the Bushfire CRC and AFAC annual conference are now available for ongoing learning and training in the emergency services and for the broader research community.
Thu, 11/10/2012
The first in a series of Bushfire CRC Public Benefit Conversations will take place on 29 October, aiming to generate new ideas and new thinking about communities and emergency management.
Task Force researchers in Strathewen
Fri, 05/10/2012
Fire Note 98 is a summary of the final report from the project: Decision making under stress: understanding community members survival-related decision making in bushfire.
The 12th IWF Safety Summit takes place in Sydney on 25-26 October
Thu, 20/09/2012
Bushfire CRC researchers will be presenting at the 12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit in Sydney on 25-26 October.
The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service won the research utilisation award
Tue, 18/09/2012
In a week of highlights, the Research Forum, Student Showcase and research utilisation award were proud moments for the Bushfire CRC at our joint annual conference with AFAC in Perth in late August.
Research shows that Australian EM policy suffers from a lack clear objectives
Fri, 14/09/2012
Fire Note 97 reports on research that shows that Australian emergency management policy suffers from a lack of clear objectives or measures of success.
A prescribed burn in Victoria's Otway Ranges
Mon, 10/09/2012
The latest Bushfire CRC Fire Note examines the effect of prescribed burning on forest carbon and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

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Posted: 16 weeks 1 day ago

After 11 years, we are about to enter the last month of your Bushfire CRC. It has been an incredible journey since 2003.

For me, what has stood out the most, notwithstanding the ground breaking research, is the culture change the industry has undertaken throughout this period. At the heart of this has been the close partnership between the Bushfire CRC and AFAC. The...

Posted: 16 weeks 1 day ago

There is only a month left of the Bushfire CRC, but there is plenty of activity going on. The Research to Drive Change series has been launched, with two successful online forums held. Keep your eyes peeled to the...

Nathan Maddock
Communications Officer Bushfire CRC

Media Releases

Fri, 17/06/2005
“You look after country, and the country will look after you,” says Violet Lawson, a traditional owner from Kakadu National Park. Violet and her family are combining traditional ecological knowledge with western science to manage Boggy Plain, a Ramsar-listed wetland on the South Alligator River floodplain in Kakadu. This project is the first of its kind in Australia.
Thu, 24/02/2005
The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has announced that Trundle will be the first town in NSW to receive the Western Region Community Survey that is being completed by the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre at La Trobe University.
Tue, 08/02/2005
Bushfires are notoriously unpredictable - but Australian scientists are starting to come up with reliable tools for predicting fire behaviour which may save lives and help to limit damage.
Mon, 17/01/2005
Some of Australia’s leading bushfire scientists have arrived on the Eyre Peninsula to study last week’s tragic blaze. Their main focus is on fire behaviour, property damage and the contentious ‘stay or go’ issue. They will also produce a post-fire report which may be used in the ongoing investigation into the cause and ferocity of the fire.
Sun, 12/12/2004
The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has released the most comprehensive review ever undertaken into bushfire arson, as Australia faces its peak risk period for bushfires, the Minister for Justice and Customs, Senator Chris Ellison said today.
Wed, 10/11/2004
New Federal funding of $4.05M will flow to the Bushfire CRC over the next three years as part of the Federal Government’s initial response to national bushfire inquiries. The funds are being provided for the CRC to undertake research on fire effects in alpine areas and to increase communication with communities in areas affected by the fires of recent years.

Recent FireNotes

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Fire Note 130 features the findings of four research projects on the impact of fire on water quantity and quality, as well as changing carbon stores (above and below the...

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Fire Note 129:  How do you motivate people living with fire risk on their doorstep to safeguard their properties and increase their chance of survival?  This research...

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Fire note 128: This research provides a broad conceptual framework to understand and progress the principle of shared responsibility in risk and disaster management.


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Fire Note 127: Understanding how a bushfire progresses from ignition to conflagration is essential to planning effective suppression strategies and issuing public warnings...

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Fire Note 126: An alternative approach to evaluating building vulnerability has been developed using a dynamic bushfire simulator. The approach creates sets of fire predictions,...

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Fire Note 125: Addressing the impacts of climate and global change on fire regimes is one of the most important strategic issues confronting bushfire managers in Australia. This...

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Fire Note 124: Fire managers have to face a multitude of competing priorities when considering how to reduce losses from future fires. With limited funds, an increasing population...

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Fire Note 123: This research developed models that predict the number and probability of human- caused bushfires per day in south west Western Australia from bushfire incident...