Our Partners & Stakeholders

Our partners

The Bushfire CRC has a range of partners involved its research program. All the fire and land management agencies of Australia and New Zealand are members of the centre as well as many universities and research organisations. In addition, several organisations are involved either through a formal Memoradum Of Understanding (MOU) or through less formal arrangements or research links. The Bushfire CRC considers all these organisations to be our partners in our research program.

Current CRC Partners


State Government



Local Government, SMEs & Associations

Our Stakeholder Council

The Stakeholder Council comprises a representative from each of the CRC partners. Those partners that contribute at least $100K each year have voting rights and also have the right to nominate a Governing Board Member.

The Council meets twice a year to receive updates on the progress of research, communication and commercialisation activities and to provide strategic advice and direction to the Governing Board.

This Council provides advice at an executive level on the needs of stakeholders and appropriate stakeholder membership of the Governing Board.

The Governing Board, under the chairmanship of Mr Len Foster, governs the Bushfire CRC. This Board consists of the independant chairman and eight skills-based members with the majority being end users representing stakeholder interests.

The Bushfire CRC is an incorporated entity.