This research uses evidence-based knowledge to find the economic costs and benefits of bushfires. It also provides a basis for better understanding between fire modeling groups, science, economics and policy groups.


  • What are appropriate economic methods for understanding bushfire costs and benefits across a range of values?
  • What are key examples of economic costs and benefits (from whose point of view) associated with major bushfire events in Australia?
  • What are key examples of the preliminary projected economic costs and benefits associated with future bushfires in Australia, based on future scenarios developed by this project?

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This Fire Note discusses the findings of research that has investigated future scenarios for Australian bushfires and explored the role of economic evaluation in informing bushfire management and policy decisions into the future.
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More than 75 researchers, end users, PhD students, land managers and industry representatives attended the seventh Bushfire CRC Research Advisory Forum on 23-24 October, held at the NSW Rural Fire Service headquarters in Sydney.