Annual Conference: Auckland 2005

Annual Conference: Auckland (2005)

The Bushfire CRC / AFAC 2005 Conference was a huge success, with over 600 delegates from Australia, New Zealand and international guests from Asia and the Pacific.

The Bushfire CRC presentations and the poster sessions were well attended and received positive feedback from both researchers and end users.

News from the Event

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Research Posters

Author Title
Application of fire Suppression Optimisation in Allocating Resources
Dr Fabienne Reisen Fighting smoke when fighting fires
Fire Behaviour Experiments in Shrubland Fuels
Fire Bugged
Health risks of airtoxics in bushfire smoke
Integrating fire management and biodiversity
Alan Rhodes Stay Or Go?
Volunteerism Findings
Program A
Author Title
Aerial and ground supression evaluation project
Dr Stuart Anderson Assessing and predicting the curing of grasslands
Bushfire risk management model
Dr Chris Lucas Fire weather history of southeastern Australia
Predicting factors affecting fire behaviour in heathland vegetation
Jim Gould Project Fuse - A study of fire behaviour on steep slopes in heath and shrub forests
Program B
Author Title
Bevan McBeth Fire - forest friend or foe
Fuel for thought
Learning from the past
Philip Zylstra Lessons from the burning bush
Managing bushfire risk in a changing world
Program C
Author Title
Concept mapping for community saftey outcomes
Josh Whittaker Coping with bushfires in East Gippsland
Alan Rhodes Does Community Education make a difference?
Evaluation of the stay or go policy
Francesca Harris-Spence Fire management catchment groups
Prof Douglas Paton Living with bushfire risk
Prof John Handmer The economics of bushfires and bushfire management
Dr Alison Cottrell Understanding communities - locality remains important
Program D
Author Title
Are our volunteer fire fighters fit for the task?
Justin Leonard People and property safety
Dr Fabienne Reisen Personal exposure of firefighters to air toxics
Recruiting and retaining Australia's volunteer firefighters
Annemarie De Vos Respiratory health effects of occupational exposure to bushfire smoke
Why do firefighters sometimes make unsafe decisions?