Research Advisory Forum 7

Research Advisory Forum, Sydney, October 2012

The seventh Research Advisory Forum took place at the headquarters of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service in Sydney from 23-24 October 2012.

The format included presentations from a series of research projects, together with presentations from PhD students on their research. Each suite of presentations was followed by a 15 minute Panel Session for questions. The panels were made up of the researchers and students who presented during that session and chaired by the lead end user for those projects.

News from the Event

The panel sessions were a popular addition to the forum program
More than 75 researchers, end users, PhD students, land managers and industry representatives attended the seventh Bushfire CRC Research Advisory Forum on 23-24 October, held at the NSW Rural Fire Service headquarters in Sydney.

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Posted: 2 years 9 weeks ago

Bushfire CRC research has been on show in various places of late, illustrating that the work being undertaken is meeting, and in many cases, exceeding the expectations of our partners.

Last week we held our 7th Research Advisory Forum at the Headquarters of the NSW Rural Fire Service in Sydney. This allowed researchers to present their latest researcher to...

Richard Thornton
Dr Richard Thornton
Former Deputy CEO and Research Director Bushfire CRC

Research Stream Presentations

CRC Author Author Download
Dr Susan Chaplin Effective Communication for Community Adaptation to Bushfire in a Changing Climate: A toolkit for local government
Owen Price
Sandra Penman
Oliva Dun
Chris Brennan-Horley
Coexisting with fire: managing risk and amenity at the rural/urban interface
David Barton Disaster in relation to attachment, to community, and to place: the Marysville experience
Neil Cooper Fire in the landscape project overview
Tarryn Turnbull Fires and hydrology of south eastern Australian mixed-species forests
Forest carbon balance and emission management
Douglas Brown Future architecture in bushfire prone areas
Dr Helena Clayton Future scenarios and economics
Dr Malcolm Possell Greenhouse gas emissions from fire and their environmental effects
Dr Michelle Short
Siobhan Banks
Stephanie Centofanti
Cassie Hilditch
Managing the threat: beyond endurance sustaining operations
Operational readiness in rural firefighters during bushfire suppression
Cara Lord Physical Selection Tests and Volunteer Tanker-Based Bushfire Firefighters
Dorothy Bruck
Michelle Ball
Risk factors in residential fire fatalities for the mentally ill and socially at risk
Mike Wouters Social construction of fuels in the interface: two projects on understanding fire in the places we live
Felipe Aires The role of weeds in Australian forest fuels: do they change fire behaviour?
The Sharing Responsibility project… so far
Dr Will Thurston Understanding complex fire behaviour: modelling lofting phenomena and wind variability
Dr Fabienne Reisen Michael Borgas Understanding exposures to air toxics during firefighting of bushfires in the rural urban interface