Research Utilisation

The research utilisation approach taken by the Bushfire CRC since 2010 has been reviewed and revised in response to stakeholder feedback. A survey of end users in December 2012 revealed significant progress since 2010, with end users generally satisfied with the Bushfire CRC’s information products and the many opportunities provided for engagement and collaboration. The survey also suggested that end user partners are still finding it challenging to deal with understanding the impact of the research on their business.

The Research Utilisation Strategy 2013-2014 continues to emphasise the following as key areas for success:

  • Relationships and partnerships beyond AFAC to individual agencies and new partners
  • Increased engagement and active involvement in addition to passive approaches
  • Nurturing of a responsive and learning culture within individual end users, by agencies
  • Building of research utilisation capacity and capability within end user agencies
  • Creation of high quality products to support utilisation in a collaborative way
  • Supporting agencies to make the research meaningful for their context.

The revised strategy places more emphasis on helping to build research utilisation capacity by providing professional development in how to run events for utilisation purposes, encouraging the development, writing and sharing of case studies that demonstrate research impacts, and the continued production of user-friendly information products, particularly Fire Notes. It also reinforces the need to continue to work closely with the industry’s knowledge management endeavors, such as the conduct of a joint Professional Development Events Program.

View the Research Utilisation Strategy 2013-2014 here. View the Research Utilisation Consultation report 2012 here.

Seminar Series

The Bushfire CRC is proud to launch a seminar series of webinars and seminars, featuring a selection of our leading researchers.

From now until June 2014  seminar and webinars conducted by leading Bushfire CRC researchers will provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, and will support and encourage the adoption of new research from the Bushfire CRC among AFAC member agencies.  Please visit our [Speakers Bureau] (and share the link!) for more information. To replay past webinars visit the Seminar series webinars page.

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You will have noticed the changes to our Fire Notes since issue 121 – one of these changes is very much designed to facilitate utilisation. 

The activity sheets provide you with simple tools (indeed they are often used by professional facilitators) to assist with thinking and...

Noreen Krusel
Research Utilisation Manager Bushfire CRC

Research Utilisation Survey 2013

For a project information sheet on the Bushfire CRC research utilisation survey 2013 click here


The Bushfire CRC provides grants to support end-user travel to international conferences.

Find out about these opportunities

Speakers Bureau

The Bushfire CRC is pleased to launch a speakers bureau featuring the leading bushfire researchers from Australasia and their areas of study. Our researchers are keen to pass on their knowledge to personnel in the emergency services sector. This is an important initiative in our endeavour to promote research utilisation.  Please visit our speakers bureau for more information and to make an inquiry.

Guidelines for Seminars and Webinars