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David is responsible for media relations and communications for the Bushfire CRC. Prior to that he was a journalist with Melbourne's daily broadsheet The Age and News Limited's community newspapers, and a Communications and Media Manager at Monash and Deakin universities.

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The Bushfire CRC, along with Victoria's emergency services agencies, met recently with Bob Jensen, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the United States Department of Homeland Security, who is visiting Australia as a Fulbright scholar.



Fire Notes are a valuable tool to communicate your research outcomes and potential implications to agencies and other interested audiences.  Feedback from a range of our end users has clearly indicated that they value Fire Notes and that they expect Fire...


Wildfire magazine is determined to become more global in its content and vision, and Australia is playing a leading role in making that happen. The January/February edition of Wildfire, out of the US-based International Association of Wildland Fire, was an...


The end of the year coincides with the release of three important publications of our fire research – each will be distributed to partners in the New Year.

Firstly, the 101st Fire Note has just been released. This is a milestone for bushfire research in...


Outputs, events and activity – if it felt like a busy year for all then the proof is now in our Annual Report for the past financial year, which has just been submitted to our Federal masters.

The formal publication output of the Bushfire CRC included five books, 21...


Not only is our annual conference a forum for discussion and debate amongst ourselves, it also provides a great platform to promote the research of the Bushfire CRC out into the wider community.

In Perth at the end of last month, our annual conference attracted more...


The amount of research that has been produced by the Bushfire CRC over the last decade can be quite overwhelming. With close to 1000 items – research reports, journal articles, books, presentations, and posters – the Bushfire CRC website is a huge resource for communities,...


Last week I attended the Australian Science Communicators conference in Sydney on behalf of the Bushfire CRC.

The purpose of the event was neatly summed up by Paul Willis, the new Director of the RiAus, an organisation dedicated to the promotion of science which...


One of the more striking sights at our annual conference is the row upon row of research posters in the main expo area. The range and diversity of style, colour and layout is impressive but the real impact is in the prominent Bushfire CRC branding across the lot. This is...


The Annual Reporting process is mostly a dry and formal process that provides our Federal funders with the data it needs to know we are performing acceptably in research outputs, finance and a range of other measurements.

On the other hand, the written Annual...