13 September 2007

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Thursday, September 13, 2007 - 9:00pm


One of the more important events in the fire and land management industries’ year is almost upon us again –the joint CRC / AFAC Conference is being held in Hobart next week. The last edition of this Newsletter (September 5th) provided a comprehensive update on most matters relevant to the Bushfire CRC. This edition is a brief further update on the Conference and other recent developments.

The Joint CRC / AFAC Conference

Next week in Hobart begins with four Bushfire CRC pre-conference workshops covering - fire behaviour, living in the interface, community safety, and the safety and effectiveness of firefighters. These workshops are designed to allow participants to engage with new and emerging research findings, and to explore the policy implications flowing from this work.

The main conference, on Thursday and Friday of next week will see presentations from more than 30 research projects, and more than 60 Bushfire CRC research posters are on display. Both the presentations and the posters will be included on a CD that will be provided to conference participants, and they will also appear on the CRC’s website in the next week or so (proceedings from earlier conferences can also be found at www.bushfirecrc.com )

Gary Morgan
Acting Chief Executive Officer