21 August 2007

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007 - 9:00pm

New CRC Bid Gains Momentum

The major development for the Bushfire CRC and its partners in recent months has been the rapid acceleration of efforts to mount a high quality bid for a new CRC in the 2008 selection round. This round will decide the funding for new CRC terms that will commence in July 2009.

A joint AFAC/Bushfire CRC steering committee has been set up chaired by Naomi Brown CEO of AFAC. From 16 July, the Bureau of Meteorology’s Assistant Director for Computing, Peter Gigliotti has been seconded to manage the bid project, and Aimeé Haywood has been seconded from DSE Vic as Project Officer. Bushfire CRC Research Director Richard Thornton is leading the development of the research agenda that will be an evolution of the Bushfire CRC research, but will also include some quite new elements. Gary Morgan, Mike Leonard and Business Manager Ian Wilson are contributing a part-time effort to the bid team. Program Leaders and others will be contributing to a scientific advisory group.

The 2008 CRC selection round is likely to be very competitive and it will require a strong business case to ensure our chances of success are maximized. Development of the bid will require substantial input from specialist consultancies on issues such as a detailed economic analysis.

Kevin O’Loughlin
Chief Executive Officer