26 July 2007

Created date

Thursday, July 26, 2007 - 9:00pm

New End-User Leaders for Bushfire CRC Programs

I am writing to provide an update on new End User Leader roles in the Bushfire CRC.

The End User Leaders play an important role in working with the CRC's Program Leaders and the Research Director to provide an end user perspective on research needs, and in liaising with the end user partners on the research outputs.

Changes to the End User Leaders are due to the departure of several people to other roles (Phil Koperberg, Len Foster and Naomi Brown), plus the CRC Board decided that, in future, End User Leaders should not be Board members or agency CEO's. However, they should be at a sufficiently senior level in their organisation to provide a broad perspective and a close familiarity with operational needs.

Kevin O’Loughlin
Chief Executive Officer