5 September 2007

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 - 9:00pm


I am writing today to all CRC Stakeholder partners, researchers, students and others associated with the Bushfire CRC to announce my departure from the CRC after four exciting years as CEO.

The case for a coordinated national research effort on bushfires and related fire and emergency management issues is even stronger now than in 2002. The topic of bushfires has been continually in the news headlines over recent years. More recently, the positive and negative aspects of bushfire in the context of climate change and the management of natural resources have gained prominence – not least because of the Bushfire CRC’s high profile national forum in Parliament House in February this year.

With the Bushfire CRC now moving to a new phase of research adoption, it is poised to deliver unprecedented benefits for the fire and land management industry in Australia and New Zealand. The prospect of a new CRC to consolidate and further develop a national research capacity for the industry is another great opportunity for all involved.

Kevin O’Loughlin
Chief Executive Officer

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