April 2009

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 - 10:00pm
  • New CRC progresses to next round
  • Stakeholder Council survey results
  • Sign up for workshops on latest research
  • Canberra science showcase


New CRC progresses to next round

We have just received word that our bid for a new CRC for Fire – Environment and Society has been invited to proceed to the second round of the funding assessment process.

This is great news for all who have supported the bid for an ongoing national fire research centre over recent years. However, there is still a fair amount of work to be done. The proposed research program will now undergo a thorough scientific review by relevant experts and this will be followed by a formal face-to-face interview in late June/early July.


Stakeholder Council Survey Results

The Bushfire CRC Stakeholder Council met last week to discuss a range of major issues affecting our industry, to hear updates on several key research projects plus a field trip to see the Bushfire Research Taskforce at work.


Stakeholders visited Marysville, above, Kinglake and Strathewen.

Many participants commented on the breadth of the discussion and appreciated the take-home package of Bushfire CRC outputs including a Field Guide for Burning Under Young Eucalypts and a Field Guide for Smoke Exposure Management. Both these guides will soon be available for order on the Bushfire CRC website.

Feedback from Stakeholder Council members through a survey at the meeting confirmed the Bushfire CRC partners believe we are on track to achieving our Mission, the overall quality of research was very high, and the research program was meeting the needs of our industry. Partners were also pleased with the progress of the adoption of research by end-users and the quality of communications activities including the website, research reports, Fire Updates and Fire Notes, and conference posters.

All the survey results and presentations from the meeting can be viewed here

Regular surveys of Bushfire CRC members are critical for the ongoing refinement and direction of the activities of the centre. This is an excellent opportunity for members to have their say on a range of Bushfire CRC activities. Stakeholder Council members who have not completed this survey of behalf of their organisation can still do so at



Conference research workshops - sign up now

As a prime example of research that is ready to be adopted by end-users, four Bushfire CRC pre-conference workshops have been organised for the Bushfire CRC/AFAC Annual Conference at the Gold Coast in September. In addition to attending the main conference program I encourage all partners to select the right people within their organisations to participate in the seminar and workshop program that will fully explore the research outputs in the areas of:

  • Fire, fuel and weather
  • Protecting firefighters
  • Good practice in volunteering
  • Community safety and engagement

More information at www.afac2009.org.au


Canberra – Science Innovation Festival

The Bushfire CRC will be participating in the Australian Science Festival alongside the annual CRC Innovations Conference in Canberra in late May. These two events under the one roof are an excellent opportunity for us to showcase Bushfire CRC research to a wide scientific, political and general audience. We are using this to promote bushfire science to schools, the general public, and to invited parliamentarians, and department and embassy staff. If you are in Canberra in the week from 26 May please drop in to the Bushfire CRC expo stand.

More information at the Festival website