No small achievement

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 4:10am

Ten years of national bushfire research is no small achievement. I am looking forward to celebrating and showcasing our work, firstly, at the three-day annual Bushfire CRC/AFAC conference early next month, then later in October, at the research showcase event “Putting Research to Good Use”.

This later event is all about being active in getting 10 years of good research into the hands of all our members for their daily work use. Want to know how your 10 year investment in national bushfire research can pay off? Don’t miss this event. And tell your colleagues to come too. Details are on the events page.

In late July many Bushfire CRC people were centre stage in Queenstown, New Zealand at the annual Forest and Rural Fire Association of New Zealand conference. A joint Bushfire CRC, Scion and National Rural Fire Authority (NZ) Science Day kicked off proceedings that led into the two day conference proper.

These events, and others, are clear examples of how industry and researchers alike are working together on new knowledge to support policy and operations. Ten years ago this would have been unusual, now it is the norm.

As the 10 year milestone is celebrated with the Bushfire CRC, it is fitting that the new Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC is embarking on journey into a new decade of national research, with most of our current partners on board.

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