Research with added value

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 11:15pm

It is well understood at the Bushfire CRC that the research we conduct is best valued when it is taken up and understood by our end-user partners. So we could not be happier when more than 1400 people gathered in Sydney last week to hear, among other things, the best and the latest of Bushfire CRC research.

In partnering with AFAC, and this year with our NSW and ACT partners, the annual conference in Sydney more than met our expectations of getting the research out and into our industry. When researchers sign up with a CRC they have an expectation that their work will be discussed, debated and ultimately utilised by the sector.

For the more than 100 Bushfire CRC researchers at the annual conference, the week-long program provided ample opportunities for this to occur. It was pleasing to see so many of our researchers – new and not so new – networking so well with delegates from the fire, land and emergency management agencies, government agencies, the broader fire industry, and the guest researchers from the US, France, UK, Canada, Russia,Portugal and Italy. The huge expo, with more than 100 expo booths, displaying technology for use in fire and other natural hazard emergencies provided the commercial partners of our industry the opportunity for interaction with Bushfire CRC researchers. This allowed for the generation of new thoughts for future developments or enhancements of their product.

And finally, well done to Prof Jim McLennan of La Trobe University, who was a most deserving recipient of our Special Recognition Award. Jim’s contribution to the Bushfire CRC from its early days has been significant and widespread, and continues with the current research and mentoring program.