Outputs to challenge us

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Friday, June 7, 2013 - 11:33pm

Research outputs and research communications come in many formats, aimed at many different audiences. In August last year I wrote that the best outputs from the Bushfire CRC will both challenge and provoke thinking. This is true no matter the format.

Some researchers may think only fellow researchers read journals. This is not the case. On many occasions I have received comments from end users on the value they place on academic publications. In part, this is because they are peer reviewed and hence give a high degree of credibility. Also, in journal papers research outcomes can be presented in more detail together with the underlying theory or methodology, which users value. This can promote robust discussion and increase knowledge and understanding.

Publishing in high quality journal is important to a researcher’s career, but remember this is not the only reason to publish. I encourage all researchers to continue to challenge their audience, and for end users to continue to embrace the research outputs of the Bushfire CRC, whatever their format.