Students add great value

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 9:22pm

I am sure researchers and students have bad days when they wonder if their research will ever be completed, and if their hard work will be utilised. These days do pass and others have been in this place before you and have come through the other end.
Dr Briony Towers is a good example of how this happens. Briony recently completed her PhD with a Bushfire CRC scholarship, and can attest to both the ups and downs of the journey, but more importantly the interest her research into the way in which children understand and can participate in bushfire preparedness has generated. Throughout the 2012/2013 fire season, Briony has spoken to the media on many occasions about her research into communicating bushfire risk to children, resulting in both radio interviews and online coverage. So while some days may seem harder than others, the science that all Bushfire CRC researchers and students are undertaking is of great value, as this example shows.