Lead end users highly valued

Created date

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 10:33pm

In July I commissioned research into the role of the Bushfire CRC Lead End User (LEU) – aiming to learn from the experience of the LEUs and to find out if the conduct of role matched the functions described in the role statement.

The research found that: LEUs were  successful as research leaders highly valued the LEUs’ industry knowledge, industry contacts, intellectual challenge and contribution and support; industry respondents valued the LEUs’ role in matching research outputs to user requirements and the  translation/interpretation and communication of the research into ‘industry speak’; and the LEUs themselves are now a cohort of ‘research savvy’ people within the industry.

The key issues identified were an incomplete appreciation of the role, including time commitment by the LEU themselves and lack of acknowledgment of and support for the role.

Improved support for this role in the future will assist in the successful conduct of the important functions performed.  The current Bushfire CRC LEUs need to be supported and involved in utilisation efforts which will continue well after the research program winds down in June 2014.

View the full lead end user report here.