Reseachers and end users interact - workshops and in the field

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Friday, April 6, 2012 - 2:54am

A key plank of our approach to research utilisation is to encourage interaction and active engagement between researchers and end users, and here are two examples of this.

The Fire in the Landscape field trip saw highly-technical research made approachable for end user practitioners, through observing and talking about the research in a situation that the end users are familiar with. The researchers are also able to learn from the practitioners who deal with the everyday problems of managing the water catchment. This is a hands-on type approach.

The RMIT and Bushfire CRC workshop on shared responsibility was quite different, but no less effective, providing an avenue to share perspectives from a wide range of people. This was more about listening, sharing, discussing and hopefully gaining a broader appreciation of the many perspectives of the concept of shared responsibility. It was apparent that researchers, government and community members were operating in different contexts, sometimes creating the impression of disconnect. This approach encouraged broad ranging conversation - the energy and passion in the room was palpable!