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Saturday, June 4, 2011 - 1:58am

The utilisation of research comes through a long and convoluted process of identifying problems, conducting research, figuring out what it might be telling us, what that might mean to us, and then, doing something about it.  What’s more, none of this happens without people engaging in the process; people thinking and finding meaning in their own context.

Agencies also support research utilisation in many ways. Here are a couple of recent examples.

FESA in Western Australia has arranged a professional development session where team members review research articles, and give a presentation that includes an overview and key lessons for FESA.

In his Blog, the Chief Officer of the CFA in Victoria regularly draws attention to our Fire Notes, highlights the relevance to fire fighters and encouraging people to read them. This is a great way of connecting people to the research.

Any more examples from agencies? Let me know.

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