What? So what? Now what?

Created date

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:27pm

You will have noticed the changes to our Fire Notes since issue 121 – one of these changes is very much designed to facilitate utilisation. 

The activity sheets provide you with simple tools (indeed they are often used by professional facilitators) to assist with thinking and talking about an issue and teasing out the key aspects relevant to your own work environment.  The activity sheets can be used by an individual in a reflective manner.  Alternatively, some are more suitable for group discussion.  We have provided a few different activities so that you can use the one you think would work best for you and your group.  There are no hard and fast rules about which to use.

Fundamentally, each activity sheet works around the very simple learning cycle of ‘What? So what? Now What?’ What did this Fire Note say? What are the implications for us? Is this relevant to our work? Could it improve or change the way we do things around here? Or does it reinforce that what we do is pretty good (yippee - more evidence to back us). If we think some changes could be needed, what are the ways we could start to tackle them?

It is easy to be bogged down in the systems and processes of a large organisation, and to feel disempowered...but we can all think, and we can all do something! These tools might help you out. Access them at www.bushfirecrc.com/firenotes