Aerial suppression

Bringing fire science to you

Australia's leading fire researchers are bringing their knowledge direct to you with the Bushfire CRC seminar series webinars. Launched in late 2013 and scheduled through to June 2014, the free webinars are part of the ongoing research utilisation activities, aimed at getting the research outcomes to our partners to enable implementation as appropriate.

Research Forum – don’t miss it

The latest in fire science from around Australia and internationally will be showcased at this year’s Research Forum, which kicks off the AFAC and Bushfire CRC annual conference in Melbourne on 2 September.

A key part of the conference, the Research Forum highlights the diversity of research being conducted across the sector. The Forum is not just for scientists, but for all emergency management personnel and the wider researcher community.

Travel grants available

Travel grants of up to $3000 are available for end users to discuss and promote their organisations use of Bushfire CRC research at major international conferences.

Members of end user partner organisations are best placed to demonstrate how their organisations have utilised Bushfire CRC research to make effective improvements to the business of their organisation.

Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre recognised in national awards

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre is honoured to be recognised by a Highly Commended award in this year’s national Resilient Australia Awards, for the impact of its collective research program over the last decade.

The program of research projects by the Bushfire CRC was in the Nationally Significant and Cross Jurisdictional Category of the awards. It was presented in Canberra on Thursday 6 December.

The award citation acknowledged that the Bushfire CRC work had led to many community benefits across Australia and New Zealand, including:

Convair trial

Convair water bombers were subjected to an Australian-first trial by the Bushfire CRC over the 2010-11 fire season to determine the aircraft’s suitability for Victorian firefighting, 

Two Convair CV580 fire-fighting aircraft, on a 12-week lease from Canada, conducted a series of trial drops to test the aircraft’s capability over a variety of terrains, including forested areas.

Evaluation of DC-10 air tanker

A DC-10 firefighting tanker jet visited Victoria in the 2009-10 fire season for a comprehensive Bushfire CRC evaluation of its performance.

Bushfire CRC researcher Dr Matt Plucinski of CSIRO prepared  a 94-page report on the trial for Victoria’s Department of Sustainability and Environment.

His report analysed the various drops of retardant made by the aircraft during real and simulated firefighting runs and found it had “limited effectiveness and presented some clear safety issues.”

The effect of aerial suppression on the containment time of Australian wildfires estimated by fire management personnel

M. P. Plucinski, McCarthy, G. J., Hollis, J. J., and Gould, J. S., The effect of aerial suppression on the containment time of Australian wildfires estimated by fire management personnel, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2011.


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