Community safety and engagement

Bushfire science interaction in Stawell

It's been raining, it's been pouring but what does this mean for bushfire risk and your preparations for the next fire season? An expert panel of bushfire researchers discussed bushfire behaviour, risk, and how to best communicate information at the Stawell Entertainment Centre in western Victoria in May.

The audience interacted with the speakers by voting on hand-held key pads (see photo, above) to various questions raised during the presentations.

New South Wales Fire Brigades Community Fire Unit Approach: A Report on The Background, Key Issues And Future Directions

Community Fire Unit (CFU) initiatives in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are increasing in popularity and cost. This report measures the effectiveness of the scheme in achieving key community bushfire safety goals. It also identifies likely challenges facing the movement as numbers grow and new issues arise.

An assessment was carried out utilising a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including: 10 agency interviews; 670 Community Fire Unit member questionnaires; 50 public questionnaires and 4 focus groups.


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