Protecting fire fighters

Awake, smoky and hot - fighting fire without fire

Fire Note 111: Exposure to smoke and high temperatures, coupled with little sleep, can impair firefighters’ cognitive (mental) and physical capacities on the fireground. This Fire Note presents research currently being undertaken to discover more about the combined effects of these stressors by simulating bushfire suppression activities indoors, controlling temperature, carbon monoxide levels and the sleeping environment.

Research Forum – don’t miss it

The latest in fire science from around Australia and internationally will be showcased at this year’s Research Forum, which kicks off the AFAC and Bushfire CRC annual conference in Melbourne on 2 September.

A key part of the conference, the Research Forum highlights the diversity of research being conducted across the sector. The Forum is not just for scientists, but for all emergency management personnel and the wider researcher community.

Travel grants available

Travel grants of up to $3000 are available for end users to discuss and promote their organisations use of Bushfire CRC research at major international conferences.

Members of end user partner organisations are best placed to demonstrate how their organisations have utilised Bushfire CRC research to make effective improvements to the business of their organisation.

Fitness for fire fighting

An overview of the PhD project Fitness for fire fighting - operational readiness of rural firefighters during bushfire suppression, with Lead End User Robyn Pearce of the Tasmania Fire Service. The PhD research is the work of Cara Lord, from Deakin University.


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