Protecting fire fighters

Fire Danger Review

The Bushfire CRC will work with the Attorney General’s department and the various Australian states and territories to develop science to underpin a new fire danger rating system with new funds announced by the Australian Government.

The Attorney-General, Mr Robert McClelland, has announced that the Australian Government will invest $3.6 million under the National Emergency Management Program this financial year to assist Australian communities better prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and emergencies.

Identifying smoke impacts from bushfires extending into the rural-urban interface

Fire Note 83: The expanding rural-urban fringe means there is likely to be increased firefighting activity in such settings. The rural-urban interface is an environment characterised  by a more complex mixture of fuels, resulting in an increased risk of toxic products in the smoke from fires.

This Fire Note, by CSIRO research scientist Dr Fabienne Reisen,  discusses her initial research for the Bushfire CRC Extension Research Program: Occupational Health and Safety – Surge Capacity. The research project is Rural Urban Interface Air Toxics.


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