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Fire Australia Spring 2011 edition
Wed, 09/11/2011
The latest issue of Fire Australia carries an inside look at the workshop that leads to the publication of the Bushfire CRC's regular Seasonal Bushfire Outlook.
Mon, 07/11/2011
Two more PhD research students from our 2003-2010 program have submitted their theses in the past fortnight and two more have had their doctorates conferred.
Mon, 07/11/2011
The report of a Bushfire CRC task force into the Lake Clifton fire near Perth on 10 January this year is now published.
Mon, 07/11/2011
The Kakadu Wetland Burning Project was a finalist in the Environmental Research section of the prestigious 2011 Banksia Awards.
Research Advisory Forum Canberra 5
Mon, 31/10/2011
The Australian National University and the CSIRO in Canberra were the venues for a Research Advisory forum in October.
Mon, 03/10/2011
Among the overall reactions to a major fire event of importance to fire services, are three which do not mesh well: learning about the event; improving community safety; and laying blame.
Firefighters at the Roleystone fire
Mon, 03/10/2011
Many Perth Hills residents recognised a bushfire was possible in their area before the February 2011 fires, but did not see it as a threat to their own lives or properties, a study of residents has found.
Fire weather post conference workshop 2011
Fri, 16/09/2011
A Fire Weather and Risk post conference workshop attracted 80 participants to Bowral, NSW, in September 2011.


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Posted: 9 years 4 months ago

After 11 years, we are about to enter the last month of your Bushfire CRC. It has been an incredible journey since 2003.

For me, what has stood out the most, notwithstanding the ground breaking research, is the culture change the industry has undertaken throughout this period. At the heart of this has been the close partnership between the Bushfire CRC and AFAC. The...

Posted: 9 years 4 months ago

There is only a month left of the Bushfire CRC, but there is plenty of activity going on. The Research to Drive Change series has been launched, with two successful online forums held. Keep your eyes peeled to the...

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