Bushfire and natural hazards research program takes shape

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC research program is taking shape

Bushfire, flood and cyclone experts will meet in Melbourne this week to shape the research program for the new Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC begins on 1 July 2013, following the Prime Minister’s February announcement of an expanded national centre for research into bushfires and other natural hazards, building on a decade of bushfire research by the Bushfire CRC.

The workshop, taking place on Thursday and Friday, brings together the lead researchers across five key research themes with end-user participants from across Australia. Approximately 100 delegates are expected to attend.

The research themes are:

  • Data and knowledge
  • Disaster resilience
  • Decision support and investment
  • Risk mitigation policy and planning
  • Emergency management practice.

Interim CEO of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Dr Richard Thornton noted that these themes address issues that cut across all natural hazards.

“The research scope includes science that covers bushfire, cyclone, flood, storm, earthquake and tsunami.

“These natural hazards impact Australians every year, and the science developed will assist not just our emergency services, but communities all around the country to live with these risks,” Dr Thornton said.

The eight year program of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC aims to provide a long-term research base that will directly support emergency services as they work to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters. The research will improve approaches to mitigation, operational responses and community resilience to natural hazards.


Release date

Wed, 22/05/2013