A national bushfire outlook

Fire managers and Graham Mills

Normal to above normal fire potential is expected for much of Australia over the 2007-8 fire season.
These are the main conclusions of the Seasonal Bushfire Assessment Workshop held in August.
Fire experts from around Australia gathered at the workshop to assess the potential for bushfires over the coming months.
About 40 fire managers representing each state met at the Bureau of Meteorology for the second National Seasonal Bushfire Assessment Workshop.
The workshop report details the bushfire scenario across Australia into early next year. The workshop follows the first national workshop mid last year and a smaller workshop in Darwin in May this year that focussed on fires in northern Australia.
The workshops and the reports are outcomes of the Bushfire CRC Fire Weather-Fire Danger project, led by Graham Mills and Chris Lucas of the Bureau of Meteorology.
The National Seasonal Bushfire outlook for 2006-7 was circulated widely throughout Australia’s fire and land management agencies and was central in many government and departmental discussions on resource allocation and funding.