Bushfire CRC researchers to present at international summit

The 12th IWF Safety Summit takes place in Sydney on 25-26 October

Bushfire CRC researchers will be presenting at the 12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit in Sydney on 25-26 October.

Hosted by the International Association of Wildland Fire, the theme for this year's summit is 'A new approach to wildland fire safety'.

The Bushfire CRC researchers will be joined by AFAC agency members and international visitors, presenting the latest in safety-related research and its operational application.

With Australia's recent experience of inquiries following large fires and other natural events, along with high expectations for agencies to be demonstrating a learning culture, the summit presents the opportunity to learn about the contemporary issues in fire safety from around the world.

Since 1997, the International Wildland Fire Safety Summit has been the gathering place for members of the global wildland fire community to discuss significant events and trends in fire safety, promote best practices in safety training and operations, reveal safety related research findings and to explore new approaches to safety.

For more information visit the summit website, www.iawfonline.org/Sydney2012


Release date

Thu, 20/09/2012