Disaster Research Seminar series in Perth

University of Western Australia’s School of Psychology is staging a Disaster Research Seminar series in four parts during August and September.  The series explores individual and social factors and processes that influence preventing, preparing and responding to natural disasters with a focus on bushfires and earthquakes.

Confirmed speakers are Adjunct Professor Jim McLennan of La Trobe University, Victoria, 5 August, on what people decide to do during the period between awareness of threat and impact of the hazard; Professor Kevin Ronan, CQ University, Queensland,  26 August, on the role of youth, families and schools in community disaster preparedness and prevention;  Professor Douglas Paton, University of Tasmania, 2 September, on adapting to living with bushfire and earthquake hazards; and Associate Professor David Johnston,  Massey University, New Zealand,  30 September, on lessons from the recent Christchurch earthquakes.  

The seminars are in partnership with the Bushfire CRC and the WA Fire and Emergency Services Authority.

For details, contact Dr Petra Buergelt