Exciting new features for Fire Notes

Exciting new features for Fire Notes

If you have noticed that Fire Notes now look a bit different, you would be correct. To assist you to organise, share and act, Fire Notes now have new features. These features will be included in all future editions, beginning with Fire Note 121.

All Fire Notes now have topics highlighted – this will help you direct who you should share the Fire Note with and are aligned with AFAC. Topics are highlighted on the top right of the front page (see above).

Share it! – Like a Fire Note and want to tell others how they can benefit from the science? You can now share Fire Notes directly via Facebook and Twitter. Just click the icons on the bottom right of the front page.

Get more! – Did you know you can receive new Fire Notes straight to your inbox? Subscribe for free by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the front page.

Now what? - To help you get the most out of each Fire Note, simple activity sheets are now available online. These activity sheets will enable you to consider the key issues raised by a Fire Note, the impact this could have and what you could do about it. The activity sheets are highlighted at the end of each Fire Note.


Release date

Fri, 28/02/2014