Fire Danger Rating in Canada - Seminar

A seminar on “Fire danger rating in Canada: a new generation of the Canadian Fire Danger Rating System” was presented by Dr Mike Wotton, Canadian Forest Service in June.

The Canadian Forest Service is currently in the process of developing the next generation of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System.  New models within the system will build on the CFS’s field-based empirical approach to modelling but provide greater flexibility to adapt the system to a broader range of forest and fire climate conditions through the introduction of some more process-based and forest stand-specific models. 

This talk described the major changes envisioned from the current generation of the system and attempted to highlight some changes that may be of interest to Australian fire management and research personnel.

Dr Wotton presented this seminar at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences - Bushfire Dynamics and Applications, Canberra, on 2 June 2011. Follow the link to the audio presentation.


Release date

Fri, 01/07/2011