Fire, emergency management and the law highlighted

Bushfire CRC researcher Dr Michael Eburn is the Guest Editor of a special edition of the April edition of the Australia Journal of Emergency Management. The issue is a special legal edition featuring important papers on the role of the law emergency management in Australia. It features papers by Bushfire CRC researchers Ms Rachel Anne Carter (La Trobe University), Dr Michael Eburn and Prof Stephen Dovers (Australian National University) and Prof John Handmer and Dr Blythe McLennan (RMIT University).

Bushfire CRC Deputy CEO and Research Director Dr Richard Thornton also provided an introductory overview for the edition.

The edition covers aspects of policy and law relating to natural disasters, discussing topics such as how success is measured in disaster response; how responsibility is shared; who should pay for disasters and how; and what are the legalities of the Commonwealth involvement in disaster response.

The majority of the papers in this latest issue of the Journal represent research funded by the Bushfire CRC to address aspects of mainstreaming fire and emergency management across legal and policy sectors. Three papers are written by the key researchers listed above, with another three written by students who took part in Australian Disaster Law, a postgraduate law unit, designed and coordinated by Dr Michael Eburn, and offered by the Australian National University College of Law in 2011. This unit, and these papers, are practical demonstrations of the work being conducted by the Bushfire CRC and the Australian National University to encourage new researchers to think about how law and policy impact upon Australia’s resilience.

The Australian Journal of Emergency Management is produced quarterly, and is available on the Australian Emergency Management Institute’s website. Subscriptions are also available in hardcopy free of charge.


Release date

Thu, 28/06/2012