National bushfire risk

ABC 730 Report 4 Jan 2012 - Gary Morgan

The national ABC TV 7.30 Report interviewed Bushfire CRC CEO Gary Morgan on 3 January 2012 on the potential for bushfires across Australia over the summer.

View the interview here (this link will take you to the ABC site)

Already, many fires have occurred across Central Australia due to the large amount of grass that has now dried in the hot weather that followed the heavy rains of last year.

Across southern Australia, although the potential was not as high, we have also seen fires from Western Australia through South Australia to Victoria – much of this is in drying grasslands, although our forests still have the potential for large fires.

These were the major points made in the Bushfire CRC's annual Seasonal Bushfire Outlook last August – this Outlook is coordinated by the Bushfire CRC between researchers and fire and emergency service agencies across Australia.

The Seasonal Bushfire Outlook is distributed as Bushfire CRC Fire Note 86.


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Wed, 04/01/2012