Northern fire mapping begins online forum series

Mapping fire in the tropical north

Mapping fire in the tropical north will be the first topic covered by the Bushfire CRC’s Research to Drive Change online forum series, scheduled for 12pm AEST on Wednesday 7 May. Registration is free, click here for all the details.

The Northern Fire Mapping project developed fire severity mapping to help manage fire in the tropical savannas and rangelands across Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The study has determined that on average over half the landscape was affected by fire each year, releasing vast amounts of carbon and destroying the carbon stored in trees. Reducing these greenhouse gas emissions will have enormous financial benefits for fire managers, as well as indigenous land owners, allowing them to earn incomes managing the land. Join the forum to hear Dr Andrew Edwards discuss how the results of the project have improved ecological-risk assessments, including greenhouse gas emissions, tree carbon sequestration, biodiversity and erosion.

Who should attend?

Land managers, remote sensing specialists and emissions managers will benefit greatly from this work, as well as fire operations staff and volunteers in northern Australia.


Release date

Mon, 28/04/2014