Proceedings of Bushfire CRC and AFAC Research Forum 2013 Available

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The formal proceedings of the 2013 Research Forum, held as part of the 2013 Bushfire CRC and AFAC Conference in Melbourne, are now available.

The Forum, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 2, saw 29 presentations from various Bushfire CRC researchers, as well as researchers from external organisations. The presentations covered the full range of fire and natural hazard research.

The Research Forum enabled the research community and emergency management personnel to interact together and discuss various aspects of research conducted throughout the year.

The next Research Forum will be held in conjunction with the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and AFAC annual conference in Wellington, New Zealand in September 2014. Register at the conference website

Download the full proceedings of the 2013 Research Forum.

To download each individual paper, please click below. 

1. The Problems of Maintaining Effective Teamwork During Out-of-Scale Events
2. ‘How do Residents in Bushfire Prone Areas View the Bushfire Risk of their Local Area and their Homes?’
3. “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Defining the Preparatory Conditions in Support of Active Defence for Different Fire Danger Ratings
4. Acknowledging structural variances of communities to aid in communicating risk information
5. The Eyre Peninsula Fire of 11 January 2005: an ACCESS case study
6. National Fire Behaviour Knowledge Base: Bringing together the best information for best decisions
7. Applications of very high resolution atmospheric modelling for bushfires
8. Firefighting the ‘paradox of place’ – the risks and dilemmas associated with knowing the place of fire
9. Winter Hazard Reduction Burning Reduces the Fuel Load in Themeda and Phalaris during Summer
10. Are you ready? Ready for what? – Examining intended fire responses and preparedness by residents of fire prone areas
11. Heatwave defined as a heat impact event for all community and emergency sectors in Australia
12. Fire-atmosphere coupled numerical simulations show a fire changes the local meteorology
13. Fire weather of a Canterbury Northwester on 6 February 2011 in South Island, New Zealand
14. Measuring forest carbon and fire emission from southern Eucalyptus forests: key findings and some lessons learnt

15. An automated operational system for collating field and satellite data for grassland curing assessment
16. Fire authorities and planners: reducing risk across diverse landscapes