Recent research briefs

The Bushfire CRC has published some solid, interesting fire notes recently.

Bushfire CRC research led by Dr Christine Owen of the University of Tasmania scrutinised Incident Management  teamwork in Australia and New Zealand and found a number of areas of concern as well as areas that work well. The work is reported in Fire Note 73, Strategic implications for incident control systems in Australia and New Zealand.

A working guide for fire managers, Know Your Patch to Grow Your Patch, from Dr Alison Cottrell of James Cook University in Queensland is described in Fire Note 75. The guide helps fire agencies to understand their local communities’ perceptions, beliefs and needs so as to better tailor community safety policies.

Fire Note 74, The relevance of the pack hike test for Australian bushfire firefighters, by Dr Brad Aisbett of Deakin University, Victoria, highlights key points from a recent review of a US-derived physical test and its validity for Australian bushfire firefighters.

These and all 77 Fire Notes published to date are available on the Bushfire CRC website here

Release date

Fri, 01/04/2011