Research with a 3D fire simulator

The Bushfire CRC and AFAC contingent in France

Research using a 3D fire suppression simulator was undertaken when representatives from the Bushfire CRC recently travelled to France as part of a study tour to exchange best practices in fire response.

CEO Gary Morgan and research leader Dr Christine Owen (University of Tasmania) were joined in France by an Australian and New Zealand Incident Management Team, made up of Bushfire CRC and AFAC partners Andrew Lawson (Country Fire Service South Australia), John Hayes, Bryan McCarthy and Dr Claire Johnson (Country Fire Authority Victoria), Reegan Key (Office of the Fire Services Commissioner), Steve Yorke (New South Wales Rural Fire Service), Paul Turner (New Zealand Fire Service) and Bob Evans (New South Wales SES), with the contingent hosted by the Bouches-du-Rhône Fire Brigade in Marseille.

Using the 3D fire suppression simulator located at France’s national research dissemination and training centre, the international research collaboration participated in forest fire exercises, allowing for differences in organisation, tactics and decision-making processes to be observed and discussed.

Dr Owen and Dr Johnson, with the assistance of a French researcher Dr Renaud Vidal, observed the exercises to research the comparative strategies employed and the way the different teams functioned.

The data collected during the exercises will be further analysed and a report prepared for the AFAC AIIMS committee. The research will also assist in identifying additional areas of mutual interest for ongoing collaboration between the Bushfire CRC and the Bouches-du-Rhône Fire Brigade.


Release date

Mon, 13/08/2012