Research prominence at Wildfire Conference

Wildfire Conference South Africa, May 2011

The Bushfire CRC was represented at the Fifth International Wildfire Conference in South Africa in May by the Chairman, CEO and several researchers.  It was clear from the open discussions on the potential for collaborative research that Australian and New Zealand bushfire science has much to learn and much to offer with international colleagues in this field.

Bushfire CRC researchers who presented included Mick Meyer, Jim Gould and, (pictured above, at the conference opening) Fabienne Reisen and Raphaele Blanchi, all from CSIRO.  Neil Burrows presented for researcher Roy Wittkuhn (both WA DEC),Alen Slijepcevic presented for Andy Ackland (both DSE Vic) on practical use of Kevin Tolhurst’s research and presentations were also heard from Bushfire CRC Board members Murray Dudfield (NZ National Rural Fire Authority), Naomi Brown (AFAC) and Ewan Waller (DSE).

All up the Bushfire CRC was prominent throughout the conference in 20 sessions by people proudly acknowledging their involvement in the Bushfire CRC and its research.

The Bushfire CRC coordinated a prominent poster display on the Australasian Wildland Fire Network, which showed the links between the Bushfire CRC, AFAC, NAFC, FFMG and PIFSA.


Release date

Thu, 02/06/2011