Science adds value to danger ratings

The proposed new FDR system will incorporate new elements

Three interim reports into a new science-based fire danger rating system are now available on the Bushfire CRC website. Under development by the Bushfire CRC, in partnership with the Attorney-General’s Department and all states and territories, the proposed new fire danger rating system will incorporate topography, fuel availability and fire location into the fire danger system.

The reports reflect the need for the proposed new system to indicate the potential for damage to a community in terms of the probability of both lives and property loss, and further refine the role of weather forecasts.The reports have been completed by Bushfire CRC partners CSIRO, the University of Wollongong and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Deputy CEO and Research Director Dr Richard Thornton said the reports represent a major advancement in fire weather science in Australia.

“Increasing our understanding of large bushfires and the weather that contributes to them will allow for a substantial advancement in the ability to help communities understand their level of fire risk and to communicate that lives and property could be lost,” he said.

“It will also highlight which weather indicators are the best predictors of high fire risk days across the country.”

The summary reports taking in Australia’s bushfire fatalities, the probability of property loss and fire danger indicators are now available on the fire danger rating review page.


Release date

Fri, 07/06/2013