Student scores journal entry

Cara Lord - student

New Bushfire CRC PhD candidate Cara Lord of Deakin University has had an article based on her Honours thesis accepted for publication in the international journal Applied Ergonomics.

The article, to be published, is about Cara’s Honours project, completed in the Australian Capital Territory in winter 2009. It looks at the performance of the Pack Hike Test and Field Walk Test for tanker-based firefighters.

Bushfire CRC Fire Note 74 describes this work.

Cara, a former Bushfire CRC vacation scholar, began her PhD in February. She is looking primarily at the development, validation, reliability and suitability of a Physical Selection Test for tanker-based bushfire suppression.

Bushfire CRC Research Manager Lyndsey Wright said the publication of Cara’s article in an A* journal“ is an excellent result and clearly shows that it is possible to achieve this high standing even as a student.” d


Release date

Thu, 02/06/2011