Fire Protection Association Australia

The Fire Protection Association Australia is Australia’s major technical and educational fire safety organisation aiming to achieve continual improvement in fire safety through active membership and a range of activities.
FPA Australia provides a central source of information and services to promote the protection of life, assets and the environment in Australia.
Members represent every aspect of the fire safety community – manufacturers and suppliers of fire protection products and services, fire-fighters, building owners, insurers, designers and surveyors, government and legislators, educators and anyone else working as part of the fire safety community - to provide a safer environment for all Australians.
One tangible aspect of the relationship between FPA Australia and the Bushfire CRC is the quarterly magazine Fire Australia, which profiles fire research and developments to more than 5000 readers in the broad fire and fire protection sector. This publication is a collaborative effort between the Bushfire CRC, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council, the Fire Protection Association of Australia and the Institution of Fire Engineers Australia.

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