Applications of multi-media education strategies in fire behaviour training

This study is focused on how the delivery and development of training can be improved through the use of educational multi-media applications. By examining the strengths and weaknesses of existing training approaches and establishing a model of effective training using educational technologies the aim is to assist trainers to build best practice. This study specially focuses on improving training in fire behaviour.

Little is known about how best to facilitate learning for practitioners involved in mitigating fire behaviour to ensure comprehensive understanding of the issues facing fireground managers. This is becoming even more important because these managers face increasingly harsh and unforgiving conditions. As weather conditions, land management and vegetation interact at the local level, it is critical that local management has the capacity to relate scientific knowledge to local conditions. It is equally critical that volunteers and operational staff are able to understand and apply the scientific information underlying operational procedures. That this application of scientific concepts may only be demanded on a few days of the year compounds the difficulty of providing effective learning and training for volunteers and salaried operational staff.

Through targeted interviews, collaborative design workshops and trialling and testing of new materials, this research will develop a greater understanding of how learning technologies can enhance training practices.

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