The effect of prescribed burning on sediment movement in the Mount Lofty Ranges

Prescribed burning is a standard method used by land managers to reduce potential fire hazards and to maintain ecological processes. This project aims to assess the effect of prescribed fires on sediment movement in the Mount Lofty Ranges near Adelaide. Land managers need to consider both erosion and sedimentation that may result from excessive sediment movement.

This research will assess and apply existing erosion models to identify areas of high erosion potential following fire. A network of erosion pins and sediment plots will be installed to monitor sediment movement both before, after, within and adjoining proposed prescribed burns. The co-variables of slope, vegetation cover and biotransfer will be recorded and analysed at the hillslope scale.

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Publications from this Project

Journal Article

Authors R. Morris; R.A. Bradstock; D. Dragovich; M.K. Henderson; T.D. Penman; B. Ostendorf

Conference Proceedings

Authors R. Morris; S. Buckman; P. Connelly; D. Dragovich; B. Ostendorf; R.A. Bradstock