Bushfire (in Transitions)

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Building Engineering
Community Safety
TitleBushfire (in Transitions)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsLeicester, R, Handmer, J
EditorNewton, PW
Book TitleTransitions: Pathways Towards Sustainable Urban Development in Australia
PublisherCSIRO Publishing
ISBN Number9780643094192
AbstractFormidable challenges confront Australia and its human settlements: the mega-metro regions, major and provincial cities, coastal, rural and remote towns. The key drivers of change and major urban vulnerabilities have been identified and principal among them are resource-constraints, such as oil, water, food, skilled labour and materials, and carbon-constraints, linked to climate change and a need to transition to renewable energy, both of which will strongly shape urban development this century. Transitions identifies 21st century challenges to the resilience of Australia’s cities and regions that flow from a range of global and local influences, and offers a portfolio of solutions to these critical problems and vulnerabilities. The solutions will require fundamental transitions in many instances: to our urban infrastructures, to our institutions and how they plan for the future, and perhaps most of all to ourselves in terms of our lifestyles and consumption patterns. With contributions from 92 researchers - all leaders in their respective fields - this book offers the expertise to chart pathways for a sustainability transition.